Monday, July 9, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So much has happened since I last wrote! Mother´s day here in Nicaragua came and went with large celebrations in the school. In preparation, we made piƱatas:

Then the kids celebrated their mothers by inviting those said mothers to a lunch at the school where they read poems, played games, and danced!! Here are some pictures of the cuties:

Then after all that excitement, I went to the southern part of the country to visit a friend from college and her roommate who came up to Nicaragua after doing some Biology research in Costa Rica. It was great seeing them and catching up after 2 years of not seeing each other! Here we are in Granada:

Only a few weeks after, my mom and her friend, Jeanne came for a visit! Both she and Jeanne did some work in my site (a workshop on starting up your own business, and preschool literacy ideas), and then we went on a mini vacation to Masaya and Granada. Jeanne was only able to stay about a week, but my mom was here for nearly a month! Besides hanging out in my site, visiting, and doing laundry by hand (Mom´s favorite part), we attended a wedding of a volunteer and her Nicaraguan boyfriend, did quite a bit of hiking, visited places new to the both of us, and talked- a LOT! One interesting hike was to the top of a mountain near my place where we tried hard not to get blown off the top. It was windy!! Here´s my mom trying hard to look like she´s enjoying the experience:

We had such a great time, and it was hard not to want to crawl into her suitcase while she was packing. But for now I´m trying to prepare for the beginning of the second semester. I plan on teaching as much as possible during these last few months here since I really don´t have any other projects going on. I´ll try to keep this updated as much as possible!

Hope all are well!